"Elijah Ford Returns with Yet Another Rousingly Anthemic and Finely Crafted Single" - THE JOY OF VIOLENT MOVEMENT on BLACK & RED

"The new music is the kind of "dirt in your ears" style of Americana which has cropped up as the direct antithesis to Nashville's bouncy pop-country" - POPDUST on BLACK & RED

Elijah Ford Steps Up His Rock Game With ‘As You Were’ (INTERVIEW) - GLIDE MAGAZINE

"A Good Rock n' Roll Song Never Goes Out of Style and Elijah Ford & The Bloom are Proof that Creating a Good Rock n' Roll Album Isn't Out of Style Either!" - BANDWIDTH CULTURE

"The first of ten fine tracks on the September 2016 release 'Try As You Might' sets the pace for a feast of rock'n'roll songs" - BEEHIVE CANDY on TRY AS YOU MIGHT
"With an unrepentant pop sheen, Elijah Ford & The Bloom‘s pleading “Try As You Might” is a backwards-looking motivational pep talk that happens to rock" - BUCKET FULL OF NAILS on TRY AS YOU MIGHT
"This track is one of those songs that will make you want to listen to it over and over, with an infectious melody that will get stuck in your head. It has an All-American pop/rock song feel, and vocals that compliment the instrumentals perfectly" - EMILY CHU, IMPOSE MAGAZINE on TRY AS YOU MIGHT
"The guitars are brisk but weighty, creating a patch of earnest rock 'n' roll that clasps directly onto your heart. Plying its head spinning melody like a lasso, the track quickly binds you and kicks your feet out from under you. It's all in service to a remarkable burst of emotion and feeling of freedom, but it also recognizes that there are some things beyond our control. And often, it's best just to ride it out until things calm down a bit." - JOSHUA PICKARD, NOTES FROM LEFT OF THE DIAL on TRY AS YOU MIGHT
"The single is a rock anthem, bringing back the melancholy sound similar to that of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals 2008 album Cardinology." - KAT ECKERSON, BANDWIDTH CULTURE on TRY AS YOU MIGHT
"New music you should be listening to that expresses the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll" - KEVIN MATHEWS, POWER OF POP on TRY AS YOU MIGHT
"Elijah Ford has made a good old-fashioned sideman’s record, but it’s so good he might not be a sideman for long... All in all, Upon Waking is a most pleasant wakeup call announcing the arrival of a very talented up-and-comer." — GREG ELLIS, LONE STAR MUSIC review of UPON WAKING
"With a similar style and penchant for undeniable hooks and melodies, the younger Ford reveals he is far more than the son of a great musician- he is one in his own right. In ten short tracks, the singer/guitarist gives listeners more than some acts are able to turn in with double the material on their hands... Elijah Ford might be forging his first few miles down the solo artist highway with Upon Waking, but he has certainly done so with all the necessary supplies. There can only be similar satisfaction down the road." - IAN RICE, HITTIN THE NOTE MAGAZINE on UPON WAKING
"Melodic, cinematic rock with searing guitar" - MD, VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE on UPON WAKING
"With a voice that has shades of Rufus Wainwright, he slurs with a pop sensibility, made all the more crispy with well-smacked drums back behind him... A gallant sideways performer, Elijah seems to take nothing for granted. The songs roll past in marvelous form. All caught up with the stray potency of his lead vocals. Beneath which the guitar suffuses into chorus splinters." - LYLE BROOKS, FORT LIVE on ELIJAH FORD @ MAGNOLIA MOTOR LOUNGE Feb 2012